Bert™ Room

A Private Pre K Daycare

We focus on the development of the whole child. Our Pre-Kindergarten Program promotes a positive environment for learning and growing. Our Teachers help children to learn how to establish positive, constructive relationships with adults and children. They also plan and implement a coherent curriculum to help children achieve important developmental and learning goals. Our teachers recognize learning experiences are more effective when the curriculum is responsive to the children’s interests and ideas.

Whether it’s math, reading, writing, science, etc … your child’s early experiences and achievements will help him/her prepare for a lifetime of success in school and the world that they live in. Our curriculum will help to prepare the children enrolled in our Pre K daycare through the everyday experiences needed for their upcoming Elementary School years.

  • Reading Readiness – promotes good listening skills, sharing ideas and discussion, identifies Author and Illustrators, writing skills, sounding out words and practice reading from left to right and top to bottom. Expanding knowledge of letter and sound relationship and how to apply short and long vowel sounds when reading.
  • Mathematical Units – includes counting, sorting, graphing, estimation, problem-solving, measuring, money, time, number value, simple addition and subtraction.
  • Thematic Units – promotes learning through fun and play, encourages curiosity and knowledge, as well as discussion, stories, art activities, poems and songs.
  • Social Studies/Character Builders – promotes Responsibility, Tolerance & Dignity, Rules, Diversity, Teamwork, Citizenship, Kindness, Honesty, Respect and Self-Discipline.
  • Science Projects – includes experiments and/or observation of seasonal changes, days, week and months of the year. Living Things – animals, plants, body (hair, teeth and skin), their five senses, Good Health (exercise and nutrition) environmental (land, air, water and what it means to Go Green).
  • Physical Activities – includes outside recess AM & PM (weather permitting). However, if we are unable to go outside, teachers will provide active class games, dancing or other types of physical activities.
  • Languages – the best time to learn any language is during the early years. Simple Spanish – includes colors, shapes, numbers, family members and greeting words.
  • End of the Year – Preschool Graduation Certificate, along with our best wishes for true success in all areas of life!
  • Days of the week, months of the year
  • Pledge of Allegiance
  • Spanish numbers and colors
  • Long and short vowel sounds
  • Letter & word recognition
  • Writing and tracing
  • Counting to 100, counting backwards from 20
  • Opposites
  • Science
  • Sorting/graphing
  • Basic addition and subtraction
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