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Twiddle Bug Room

Our daycare’s “Twiddle Bug Room” is designed for children starting at 12 months of age.

Our loving daycare teachers, many of whom are from neighborhoods right here in Kenosha and Pleasant Prairie, help teach the children the importance of routines as well as limits, during their first years. You will be happy to see your child grow in independence and feel more secure in their daily accomplishments.

Our one year old daycare focuses on providing fun activities that encourage physical, emotional, social and cognitive development. Children are encouraged to develop and become confident in their newly discovered independence skills as they explore their environment.

Milestones focused on in our Twiddle Bug Room:

  • Increased language development.
  • Interest in joining groups of children.
  • Developing fine motor control.
  • Learning songs.
  • Increased ability to communicate verbally.
  • Ability to problem solve.
  • The need for routine.
  • Demonstrating independence skills.
  • Awareness of self and others.
  • Desire to explore their environment freely.
  • American Sign Language – includes letters, actions, foods, family members and greetings.
  • Daily Group Instruction—promotes listening and social skills (short circle times – calendar, weather, flag and introduction of the day’s academics).
  • A variety of activities that support learning concepts (dance, games and songs).
  • Weekly units are taught through the use of art, music, stories and sensory play.
  • Learning centers include building blocks, dramatic play and table toys.
  • Group Activities include sharing and co-operational skills (play time).
  • Age appropriate academic worksheets specifically designed for each age group covering phonics, shapes, colors, and numbers.
  • Regular communication between teachers and parents helps to keep you informed about your child’s day.
  • Daily exercise – helps children develop their large motor skills (jumping, running, kicking and throwing) while out on our spacious fenced in playground. It also helps develop a strong sense of contentment and happiness.
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