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Our History

The Tuttle family has been providing pre-school and daycare services to local children since the fall of 1966. Prior to opening their current location, founder, Mrs. Stella Tuttle, was the administrator of Kiddie Kollege & Kiddie A’Kademie with plans to incorporate a full pre-school program into a childcare setting. In 1991 that program was opened at their current location, 9244 39th Avenue, to further serve the Kenosha/Pleasant Prairie area. Holly Tuttle-Barthuly, who has been with Kiddie Kare A’Kademie since the doors opened in 1991, is now the new owner. She and her team of teachers are excited to make sure Kiddie Kare A’Kademie remains the very best place for families to enroll their next generation.

Mayor Bosman recognized Kiddie Kare A’Kademie’s achievement with a message, “Congratulations to Kiddie Kare A’Kademie for 45 years of providing exceptionally high quality child care and education to the children and families of Kenosha.” Village President John Steinbrink remarked, “We would like to thank Kiddie Kare A’Kademie for growing their business here in Pleasant Prairie. And, speaking from experience, as my own children attended Kiddie Kollege, I’d like to sincerely thank the Tuttle family for the great care they take in the positive development of Kenosha and Pleasant Prairie’s youth.”

Kiddie Kare A’Kademie has always realized that choosing a pre-school is one of the most important decisions a parent will make. Their continued success over 45 years is based on offering a safe, nurturing and educationally sound environment where local children learn and flourish. All of the teachers and staff are dedicated to developing every child’s learning potential as well as forming a strong partnership with parents. All of the well-trained teachers meet or exceed the Department of Human Services’ standards.

Ms. Holly

Ms. Holly


Hello, my name is Holly Tuttle-Barthuly and I am the owner of Kiddie Kare A’Kademie.

I have been at Kiddie Kare since we opened our doors on August 19th, 1991. I was the Administrative Director from 1991 until December 2014 which is when I became the owner. I am a happily married since 2016. I love to volunteer my time working with local charities. I’ve also just started taking horseback riding lessons – one of my passions since I was a teenager 🙂 I love to travel – domestic and international. I have been to Africa – Uganda and Kenya – twice on missions trips to work in their primary schools with the teachers and children. I trained at Oxford and was a participant in their Early Childhood Round Table Symposium which included early childhood directors and owners from all over the world. I am still in contact with many of the wonderful people I’ve met on my travels and look forward to meeting many more!

My parents, Gerald and Stella Tuttle, built Kiddie Kare to provide Kenosha, WI with one of its first daycares. From 1991 – 1994 we operated two facilities, Kiddie Kare and Kiddie Kollege A’Kademie. Kiddie Kollege A’Kademie was started in 1967 by my mother. She rented from churches to provide a positive, educational, morning only preschool. In 1994 we combined Kiddie Kollege A’Kademie and Kiddie Kare – which became Kiddie Kare A’Kademie. We were the first daycare that included preschool classes. We are still one of the only daycares that incorporates a true preschool education and experience to give your child a successful start for their academic years.

Our Philosophy

We understand the level of trust the parents in Kenosha and Pleasant Prairie place in us when they enroll their child at our school and daycare. We are committed to providing the very best daycare and education possible. We understand that choosing the best daycare program for your child is one of the most important decisions you will have to make as a parent. That is why it is very important to us to provide parents like you a safe, nurturing and educationally sound environment where your child can learn and flourish as each year goes by. Our teachers and staff are dedicated to developing your child’s learning potential as well as forming a strong partnership with you. It is our goal to ensure your child has the best possible start to their education.

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